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Civil Society Manual in Iraq

About the Civil Society Manual in Iraq


It is a voluntary initiative launched in 2023 by the Eduba Center for Human and Organizational Development (a specialized center with an official license from the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs) that works on collecting and managing data and publishing it through the center's website (, which can also be described as the Civil Society Network in Iraq. The guide aims to strengthen cooperation between civil society components and contribute to coordinating efforts in implementing initiatives and projects. The guide also seeks to disseminate information about civil society in Iraq and facilitate access to it, based on the principle of the right to access information and the belief in the importance of transparency in the work of civil society. This guide complements the Civil Society Guide, which was launched in 2015 by Mercy Hands Humanitarian Association in both printed and electronic versions. Eduba Center aims to disseminate available information about civil society and update it regularly in response to information on the registration of civil society components. Registering your institution/organization/team on the civil guide allows for the publication of information about your projects, publications, and activities to the concerned audience.

Eduba Center plans to develop a platform to provide more services, such as publishing resources, projects, invitations, press releases, and jobs for all civil society entities, including local civil society groups, international civil society organizations, United Nations agencies, donor organizations, and private sector companies working for the public good. As a result, the platform will enable users or individuals to access news, activities, and initiatives of civil society, in addition to searching for suitable opportunities that allow them to contribute to the community. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for experts to register and thus put their areas of expertise at the service of civil society actors, forming a list of accredited and credible experts. The list facilitates the search for people with suitable and relevant skills in various fields.

If you are part of these entities and want to register, please provide the information following the registration form in the other side or follow the below link:


To see the previous copy of the civil society Manual


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