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Foreign Aid Workers - Iraqi NGOs Match Program

Eduba's "Foreign Aid Workers - Iraqi NGOs Match" program is the first in Iraq. It matches junior foreign humanitarian and development aid workers with local NGOs in Iraq. The program offers a win-win situation to both sides, where local NGOs will benefit from the international program management knowledge and skills of the foreign staff while the foreign staff will gain the field experience to advance their career in the field. 

This program is built on years of experience in recruiting foreign humanitarian and development aid workers in Iraq. Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid, the mother organization of Eduba Center, has been recruiting foreign staff in Iraq since 2015 and in late 2020 Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid started an internship program for expats, called Program Management Internship Program. Through the program, Mercy Hands matched skilled expats who have limited field experience to program managers who have tremendous field experience but limited program management skills. It was an all win situation with the biggest winner being the people we serve. Below is a testimony of two of the first group of expat interns:

Are you a foreign aid worker interested in working in Iraq?

Are you an Iraqi NGO interested in recruiting a foreign staff?

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